ASCO Direct™ Highlights Conference​

7:30-8:00 AM


8:00-8:10 AM

Welcoming Remarks

Speakers: Dr. Abdul Jazieh (Cincinnati Cancer Advisors), Dr. Philip Leming (Cincinnati Cancer Advisors)

8:10-9:00 AM

Breast Cancer Update

Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Graff (Lifespan Cancer Institute Rhode Island)

Moderators: Dr. Seerin Shatavi & Dr. Brooke Phillips

9:05-9:55 AM

Integrating Research in Oncology Practice

Speaker: Dr. Alex A. Adjei (Cleveland Clinic)

Moderators: Dr. Dan Flora & Dr. Alex Starodub

10:00-10:20 AM

Break, Networking, Exhibits Viewing

10:20-11:10 AM

Optimizing Genomics Use in Oncology Practice

Speaker: Dr. Ramaswamy Govindan (Washington University)

Moderators: Dr. Burns Blaxall, Dr. Faisal Adhami

11:15-12:05 PM

Keynote Presentation: ASCO State of the Union

Speaker: Dr. Robin Zon (Cincinnati Cancer Advisors & ASCO President-Elect)

Moderators: Dr. William Barrett

12:10-1:00 PM


1:00-1:50 PM

Navigating the Challenges of Occult Primary Cancers

Speaker: Dr. Anthony Greco (Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute)

Moderators: Dr. Philip Leming

1:55-2:45 PM

Updates in GI Malignancies

Speaker: Dr. Mohamed Salem(Levine Cancer Institute)

Moderators: Dr. Olugbenga Olowokure & Dr. Slobodan Stanisic

2:50-3:40 PM

Lung Cancer Update

Speaker: Dr. Larry Einhorn (Indiana University)

Moderators: Dr. David Waterhouse & Dr. Hasan Rehman

3:45-3:55 PM

Course evaluation and feedback

3:55 PM


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